Made July 2006


Here it is


Orientation Post


The house on the hill in the forest   StDavid's Retreat house in the forest
The house on the hill in the forest


The windows of the sleeping rooms   The entrance side
Closed to the outside


The closed garden    The closed garden
Open inwards - - - -


Open upwards
and upwards!


summer meadow of flowers    Way of the Cross
Meadow flowers around the house and the "Way of the Cross"


Crucification - artist Lydia Mariadotter   I am with you alway - artist Lydia Mariadotter
"I am with you alway"


My  room


Music: J.S.Bach Partita in A- for solo flute 4.Bourée Solo:D.Grossman

Sankt Davidsgården      In English

Design & Photo © Ingegerd I      Min svenska dagbok     flowers