Here are some of the photos I have sent to GOF Photography Challenge during 2015

January Challenge "Letter "B""
Breakfast coffee
Breakfast coffee

February Challenge "Water"


February Challenge "Tracks"
Tracks after a tractor
TITLE: "Tracks after a tractor"

February Challenge "Tracks"
Path through the snow
TITLE: "Path through the snow"
sharpened and lightened

March Challenge "Romance"
We said yes
TITLE: "We said yes"

April Challenge "Wood"
The orginal photo is manipulated with Clone Brush

May Challenge "Mother"
Reading time
TITLE: "Reading time"

June Challenge "Red"
Red Chestnut
TITLE: Red Chestnut

June Challenge "Red"
Swedish red painted houses
TITLE: "Swedish red painted houses"

July Challenge "Fifteen"
 Fifteen roses
TITLE: Fifteen roses

August Challenge "3 tings connected"
TITLE: Tureen,lid and ladle

September Challenge "Where I live"
Living Room
TITLE: Living Room

October Challenge "Ornamental"
Carpentry work
TITLE: Piece of carpentry work

November Challenge "Orange"
TITLE: Watertower in sunset light

November Challenge "Clouds"
clouds collage
TITLE: Clouds on cloud

The End

And so it is the end of this group which had given me so much of friendship - - - -

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