All Saints Day in Sweden

In the calender All Saints Day is November 1, but for practical reasons it is celebrated on a Saturday. All Saints Day is the only holiday on another day of the week than a Sunday during the autumn in Sweden. Since about 1950 it is celebrated on that Saturday which is falling between October 31 and November 6. This year we celebrate All Souls Day November 3
All Saints Day and the following Sunday which is celebrated as All Souls Day has become a grave decoration festival, a time to remember those near and dear who are not among us any longer. On all graveyards in Sweden you see the flame of candle lanterns, enlighting the November darkness. This custom has grown more pronounced during the late twenteeth century.

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Many families assamble for a common meal, a feast in private stillness.
All Saints Day the first of November in the old traditions of Sweden was seen as the beginning of winter, all the work in the fields was to be finished this day.
Originally it is a day to celebrate Christian Saints and Martyrs.
In our churches we celebrate a memorial service for those who has died since last year in the evening. The priest says the names and a Church Warden is lightening a candle for each person. The choir is singing suiting hymns.



During the last years the American Halloween has entranced into the Swedish traditions, especially among younger people. Halloween parties are celebrated, cards sent.
October 31st was earlier known as the Eve of All Saints, the Eve of All Hallows, or Hallow Even in America, thus that name Halloween.

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In most Christian traditions we remember our dead near and dear during these Autumn days.
E.g. in France it's a day to remember all the people who have died.
Visits to the graves and bringing flowers, special services in church.

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Celebration days in Sweden


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