Father's Day in Sweden is celebrated on the second Sunday of November, this year 2019 November 10.

In Sweden they began to celebrate this day around 1930.
To celebrate father or mother on a special day won a wide spread because both school and church supported that idea. I remember that when I began school in 1938, for the first time I heard about "Father's Day" when we were said to make a drawing for our fathers.

In the nineteen-sixties divorce became more common, and it was more complicated to celebrate fathers on an official day, and many people did not like celebrating this day any longer. The celebrations became more private, every family chose for themselves about to celebrate or not.

Commerse got into the celebrations. E.g. readymade cards - in contrary to the origin meaning of a personal congratulation.--

Father's Day, like Mother's Day, is a reason for common joy and reflections. It is important that the celebrations are engaged and personal. We try to do things our father estimates, we make an effort to do that little extra we really ought to do every day. What good celebrations is in a family is very intimate, and we can feel joy for small caring things.


Thoughts on Father's Day

Our Father in heaven,
we thank you for our family,
and the joy and expectations we have.
Let our common life be characterized by confidence and kinship,
and respect for our differences.
Help us to keep our home an open and friendly place
where parents and children meet in safety
and friends can have a feeling of fellowship.
When hard time meet
let us come more near to thee and to each other.
Help us to forgive, and to take joy and energy from your hands.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Fun with father

Father's Day is celebrated in many countries but the time is varied.
E.g. Sweden, Norway and Finland celebrate in November
In Australia, Father's Day is in September
In Brazil, it is comemorated on the second Sunday of August
In Germany it is always comemorated at Ascension Day
In UK they celebrate Father's Day in June, as they do in USA.

Celebration Days in Sweden

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