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May Day

This day will be celebrated in different ways this year 2020 because of the pandemi

May Day is Labour Day.
ILO The International Labour Organization in the year 1889 determined that the first of May should be the Day of the workers in the whole world, an international day for Labour Demonstrations.
In Sweden that day was proclaimed as a holiday in 1938, and a day of general display of flags. It is the only holiday in Sweden which does not have any church character.
This day is celebrated by all left wing parties with demonstrations. Traditional songs are "The "International" and "The Sons of the Work".


During 1960- and 1970- they began to demonstrate for different international questions. The Human rights are nowadays always one of the issues of those demonstrations. The Human Rights shall be respected in all countries.


I the University Towns, as Lund in Scania, the celebrations from Walpurgisnight are going on even this day. In the middle of the day there is an entertainment with choir-singing and orchestra. The Students call upon the headmaster with speeches at the square in front of the University building. In the evening the Student Singers appear at the stage of Lundagard and that performance in always sent in television.

One of the popular songs which are performed by the choirs these days is Längtan till landet or "Farewell to Winter" by Herman Sätherberg (1812-1897) with music by Otto Lindblad

Another popular folksong at springtime is Spring breezes, you can find
and MUSIC here.


is a little artificial flower which is sold since 1907 before May Day for charitable purposes. It is meant to be attached to your coat on the lapel.
100 Jubilee Year, 2007, it was blue like the first one in 1907 and the middle circle is yellow.
The funds are used to prevent, relieve and combat illness, injury and handicap among children.

majblomman 2007


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