December 10

The Nobel Day

On the Nobel Day the Nobel Prizes are delivered to the Prize Winners of the year. The prizes are for a Scientific Exploration of great value for mankind in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics and Peace.

Maybe the donor Alfred Nobel was forced by a bad conscience?
He had found out how to make Dynamite and got his wealth from that investigation. An investigation which made it possible to make bombs.

When Alfred Nobel died in 1896 he had made a will in which he bequeathed his money to a Prize which was promoting development of Peace and the progress of the living conditions of mankind. He directed that the Scientific prizes was to be delivered in Stockholm and the Prize of Peace in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Norway and Sweden were united at that time.


The delivering of the prizes in the Concert Hall of Stockholm is followed by a grand feast in the Town Hall, and nowadays all people can follow this by television. The climax of that dinner is when an amount of serving persons is coming downstairs in a procession, carrying big plates with enourmous very elegant Ice Cream Desserts. The room is dark and there is fire-spitting torches in the Dessert. An elegant finish of a grand feast - even to us who just follow the festivities by the direct television display.


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