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How great Thou Art
by Carl Boberg

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Thanks to God for my Redeemer
by J. A. Hultman

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Thanksgiving Day in Swedish tradition

The celebrating of a "Thanksgiving Day" differs between countries. In USA it is a very celebrated feast, I understand, but in Sweden it is just a Sunday in the ecclesiastical year (the second Sunday of October) and I am afraid that nobody who is not interested in the church does think about that day.
At church we decorate the altar or some other place in the church with products from the harvest, apples and potatoes and swedes and carrots and preserves and jam etc. We can use twigs with bright coloured autumn leaves for decorating too.
In our congration we have an auction of those products afterwards and the money is sent to some relief action to help suffering people in the world.

Money for food is used to bring food to those who don't have enough.


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Thanksgiving Hymn text by F Pratt Green

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