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World Day of Prayer update February 2018

 news Calendar Swedish Celebrations Year 2018

 Photos from my days i UK in June 2015


Quinquagesima Sunday updat. February 2018

Prayers - index updated

News and updates in my pages

Christmas updat. December 2017

Lucia updat. December 2017

Holidays in Sweden
update December 2017

Indexpage Sharing the good times
update December 2017

All Saint's Day
updat. Oktober 2017

St Michael's Day
updat. September 2017

Thanksgiving Day in Sweden
uppdat. September 2017

Autumn poetry
update sept 2017

A Place To Reflect
update Oct 2016

Links to places I have visited update 25 June 2015

Index pages where I have my photos
update June 22 2015

Deleted pages

The pages for the finished group Garden of Friendship deleted December 2016

My family pages has moved from into June 2012

Pages with books I have read in English are deleted October 2011

Pages with mostly links about Sweden are deleted 2015

The pages about Färila pastoral district are deleted October 2010

Music pages at the server are deleted summer 2010

All the quilt pages and gift pages are deleted
Index my Quilts delete January 2010

All pages at the server are deleted or moved into my domain
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